Oct 15,2014
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Oct 14,2014
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“Alexis, you can tell with his expressions and he’s always upbeat and lively. We can communicate in a different kind of way with him. It’s good for team morale to see everyone getting on with everyone off the pitch even though there’s communication barriers at times. It’s important that you try and help your new team mates whatever language they speak.”
— Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain on Alexis Sanchez
Oct 14,2014
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“Mikel is always the father to everyone in the team - the English boys as well. He’s always the go-to guy for the new Spanish players because he’s been around the squad and he’s the captain now so he knows a lot of what’s going on. He’s helped all the Spanish boys out.”
— Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain on Mikel Arteta
Oct 14,2014
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"Since I was little, practically a baby, it was clear to me. I would say to my mother: “Relax, I’m going to become a footballer and it will all turn out okay, we’ll have money.” And she would laugh. I would also say to my friends: “I’m going to give a car to you, a house to you…” I dreamed of cleaning up all of Tocopilla… I have not given my friend the car, he needs to earn it, but I am searching for a way to help Tocopilla however I can – I will find a way. I have made reality the dreams of that boy that played in the street against adults – and they gave me some kicks! But I came back to play against them every time. My football is that of the street."

Oct 14,2014
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A young England fan brings an unlikely friend to watch the Euro 2016 qualifying match between England & San Marino (9/10/2014)

Oct 14,2014
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Lukas Podolski and Santi Cazorla (and Per Mertesacker) | UnClassic Commentary (x)